Monday, 1 October 2012

Texas 2012, USA 2013

Helio Turquoise
A colour " blob" purely to show one of the colours I use from my current palette.

Today has been really busy.Mondays usually are but when I look back at all I have achieved since this morning I feel quite elated. Firstly I tackled my emails. I heard from my publisher that my latest book "Atmospheric Watercolours" is currently out of stock but as it had already gone for reprint it should be available from later this week. This is good news as I had unexpectedly sold out of all of my own stock last week. I also discussed my demonstration date at Patchings next year. I had so much fun there this summer so plan to stay over and enjoy the venue for longer in 2013. Next I had a fantastic message from Italy inviting me to hold a workshop there, which could be in line with my latest book being available in Italian which is also very exciting news. I would love to demonstrate in Italy as I adore the country, people and food, not to mention the Italian wine.

I contacted Christine who handles my UK workshop bookings to hear that she has been inundated with requests for places on my sessions next year. I have a limited number of workshops every year and as my studio time is so important to me, to explore and enjoy my own art, they seem to be fewer in number. But I hope to pass on my techniques in really memorable days next year. In workshops that will never be forgotten by all who attend. Please book early if you have recieved the list of 2013 dates and if you haven't please subscribe to my email list as that is the only way to gain the news early of what is available. Contact me on

I then worked with my USA contacts on my  upcoming tour this month which is  now getting really exciting. I will be flying to Dallas ,teaching in Texas and then flying to Long Island in New York for another exciting workshop and terrific evening art event there. I will be signing books and meeting artists from all over USA so I am thrilled. Emails have been flying back and forth with my itinery and even though I am trying to keep two feet firmly on the ground, my mind keeps wandering to my trip. Even when I tried to simply paint a colour blob to show a friend the Helio Turquoise shade I am now using it turned into a cowboys profile! By the way I am working on my Autumn 2013 programme of art events and travels with invitations from USA and Canada so if you are interested in a booking please get in touch via your own art society to see if you can be a part of next years tour.

I have been in touch with Dedham Hall for my watercolour course there next year  and know there are only a few places now left, so again.please book early if you are interested!

I have many invitations to demonstrate or hold workshops for art societies to still reply to so please bear with me as so much is going on in my life that if I don't take time out to actually paint I would be on my computer all day! 

My passion is moving my brush and always will be so everything else really does have to work around that deep love for watercolour. A love that I adore sharing when time allows.

Now back to painting!

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