Monday, 1 October 2012

Dancing in Sunshine 2012

Flowers coming to life dancing across white paper.

While I was teaching  my watercolour course at Dedham Hall I noticed some gorgeous bright yellow flowers on very tall stems, almost dancing in the sunshine. One artist asked how I would approach painting them as a subject and so I gave a small demonstration to show my way of working. Basically I wanted to capture a feeling of sunshine.

Today in my garden I have painted  vibrant yellow rudbeckia that are also on very tall stems standing above all the other flowers in the same flower bed. They look proud, majestic and almost as if they are wearing bright skirtst which move with the aternoon breeze.

I felt so relaxed painting this piece and allowed the colour to work almost on its' own to bring my subjects to life with as much light as I could gain within the composition. Although it needs further detail, as it is drying it looks as though it could be left alone as a painting.It works beautifully making me smile and feel the last of the summers rays on my shoulders.

Don't forget whatever season you are painting, it is short lived so make the most of every day and paint what you can when you can!


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