Saturday, 25 May 2013

Forget-Me-Not Whispers

Coming to life in a simple colour experiment.

It is incredible how one simple experiment to capture  the colour of a subject can lead to a painting that was completely unexpected. This morning I shared an image of colour for "forget-me-not" flowers that was simply a warm up experiment. But as always I have now fallen in love with the tiny flowers and how they seem to float amongst all the other plants in my garden. I almost felt as though I was breathing life into each stem on paper by gentle brushstrokes. The stems have now become my new area of fascination, so you can see them added here in the foreground on the initial colour wash.

This will probably end up being one of those paintings that was initially started aimed for the bin as an enjoyable experiment, but will end up framed for myself! A white frame might be nice. Oh no, I am even thinking about frame options!

This really goes to prove if you start out with a simple idea,minus pressure or great expectations of a result you may just gain one!


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Sheila said...

Lovely piece!