Friday, 23 August 2013

Glorious Summer

Butterfly Inspiration

I am making the most of glorious summer sunshine by taking many photographs that I can work from when the sun  has disappeared. My garden is  full of stunning flowers planted as subjects to not only paint, but also to attract a variety of wildlife. Watching huge bumble bees has become an obsession of mine, as has taking photographs of butterflies.  I am a keen photographer and the above shot appeals to me because of the colour harmony between the insect, the flower it is sat upon and background. This gives me a zillion ideas for future paintings and yet again I am learning from nature. By the way, isn't the blurred background  divine and perfectly suitable for a gorgeous watercolour composition?


I have had another busy week and the  information for my 2014 UK workshops has been finalised with some exciting new sessions. Everyone on my email workshop contact list will be recieving the information before it  is advertised on my web site so please ensure you have sent me an email on to be notified as soon as the dates are released. 
N.B. If you have never attended my workshops before there are some wonderful sessions especially for you to ensure  new artists as well as returning artists  are able to get places.

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Angela Fehr said...

I'm so glad to hear that you do take reference photos - as much as I am learning to love to paint from life, our long northern Canadian winters limit how much I can do that. What I've been trying is to study my subject through photos, and then close the file and paint so I'm not enslaved to my reference photos. It seems to help me not be a slave to detail.