Saturday, 10 August 2013

Sharing An Interview

Watercolour minus a preliminary sketch.

I am often asked if I will give interviews and when time allows I am fascinated by the questions raised from the interviewer. Many this year , as well as those from magazines, have come from art students for their courses. I must confess I often sit back and think before I give my replies because  certain questions lead you down roads you may not have thought about for a very long time in your personal art journey.

I am sharing this interview and  hope you like it.


Creating Magical Effects - Jean Haines

I rarely paint grey or dull colours as they don’t appeal to my nature which is cheerful and bright. So my personality flows into my work.
— Jean Haines

You can read the fullinterview via this link.

Here are two of the questions and my answers

Question :Describe your feelings when you are completely one with your work, your artistic creation.
"When I paint there will come a time in any given composition when the whole world disappears. At that moment it is just me and my paper with colour flowing freely across it. Sometimes in my creations subjects will appear as if by magic and I find myself mesmerised as to what will happen next. Often with watercolour there is no knowing exactly what the result will be as it will work, interact and dry leaving incredible patterns. Each one can be a huge blessing in an art piece. I am enthralled by these moments and feel very blessed to live as I do, an artist’s life."

 For the love of Amy
My God Daughter and a true blessing in life

 Question : If you are to advice young minds who are chasing their own dreams in their chosen fields what would that be?
"My advice to any young artist is always ‘Be brave enough to be yourself’. Try to share a little part of who you are in your work. If you are someone who loves bold strong colour, let that be the main part of your compositions. But if you prefer peaceful quiet let your watercolours show the viewer of your finished pieces that you do. When we paint we tell a story but with colour. Not one person could watch an event and describe it in the same way as someone else, and this difference is what makes us unique. Never try to copy or follow where someone else has already been. Have your own adventure in art, inspire and allow others to follow you instead. Be brave and unique! "



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Sheila said...

Thank You Jean for sharing this wonderful interview with us. I really enjoyed getting to know you a little better.