Sunday, 11 August 2013

Hazel Nut in Watercolour 2013

Hazel Nut on Branch
Early Autumnal Study

At the close of my studio session I always pick up half finsihed paintings or studies and work a little further on them. My goal is to go as far as I can  by experimenting  to then throw the small pieces in the bin. I am relaxed,light hearted and having fun with colour at this point knowing I will be putting my brushes down, until the next day, shortly. This piece will not be going in the bin!

My blog redaers may know I started painting hazel nuts recently, as the hedgerows near my cottage are laden with the autumnal fruits already. One watercolour study in particular is my favourite. Today I gently added more background, to make the nut appear more obvious from the first wash. I have also added warm tones on the lower half of the paper to suggest that autumn may be on the way. This is a "mixed" seasonal painting as it is definitely still summer here with vibrant sunshine but these nuts are a clear sign of the season ahead. I am allowing colour to tell this story for me with light, bright colour at the top of the page  flowing into gold and purple further down.

"Nut" close up formed by a negative edge technique

I am really loving these early autumnal paintings which are a great break from my more serious compositions for a show later this year. 

Artists Tip: Make the most of nature and continually search for new subjects which can become your own new favourites too.

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