Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Dedham Hall Demonstration 2013

Venice in Watercolour

As I unpack from teaching my weeks watercolour course at Dedham Hall I am enjoying my demonstration pieces and the memories each holds.

Being in a room full of people who are as fascinated in watercolour as I am is a terrific feeling.  I gave daily demonstrations on  a wide variety of subjects including landscapes. I worked on the above Venice scene whilst surrounded by artists asking me questions while I tried to explain my method and colour choices.  I needed to discuss detail with one artist, another was lost on how to create exciting first washes. Individually I gave as much information as I could to each person attending. But there was one lady in particular who really is strongly in my mind right now. Esthe from South Africa, who had flown over for my course, was such a delight. With each of my new additions of colour or brushstrokes  she gave a wonderful "Wow" comment, encouraging me on  with my work and making me smile or laugh out loud.

There should be an Esthe in every art group.  Someone who loves life to the full and embraces every new day with passion and a thirst for something new.

How lucky I am to meet such incredible people.


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