Sunday, 28 February 2016

Filming for Artists Network TV 2016

Hi there,

My blog has fallen quiet as I have spent the last week in Cincinnati filming for Artists Network TV.  It's been such a long time since the initial kind invitation to create DVDs with this incredible art network. When I received the first invitation ages ago my diary was so full that I couldn't fit in one more commitment even though I really was eager to do so. As it happened my Spring USA 2016 tour allowed me to add a visit to Cincinnatti and I spent a week at the studio filming.

The experience was terrific which is a huge relief as when you agree to a project and then fly to the location if things hadn't been what I was expecting there could have been a problem. I have to admit I'm a hard worker and a perfectionist. I love teaching and sharing my techniques. But every single person I share for is vitally important to me. How they enjoy and understand the information I freely give is my main concern.

And so I arrived at the filming studio with slight hesitation which quickly dispersed as from the minute I entered the building I knew I was in the hands of professionals. The set was great and the team I was working with were fantastic. And they would need to be as my style and brush strokes to capture on film  can be very fast at times. I can honestly say I'm really looking forward to seeing these four films.

One is based on "Jean Haines World of Watercolour" and has many workout tips. You can see clearly how much water I use and how I learn and grow as an artist by my daily warm up exercises. Another film is purely animals. I show steps on how to build up a painting of any animal minus the use of a preliminary sketch. I show how to measure and how to paint eyes.and discuss how to know when to stop! The next film is painting flowers and it's really a lovely one. Follow my demonstrations that collectively lead you into painting flowers in a way that brings you superbly unique results. Finally I filmed from my new book "Paint Youself Calm". My word, after a weeks filming and the flights to get to this destination found me loving each brushstroke. It truly is a gorgeous film that will help you de stress via colour and brushwork. I loved filming each one as the camera team seemed to be on the ball at capturing each pigment interaction so beautifully.

And I didn't only create four DVDs,  I was also filmed giving short five minute clips sharing gorgeous tips for everyone to enjoy.

Each day at the studio I met wonderful people from various art magazines and networks who came to meet me for lunch and the time passed far too quickly.

You will be able to find these films on and read about them on Artists Network TV. They will be available from June this year and I can't wait t see them.

Sometimes when I'm asked to do things and my free time is limited I seriously have to consider how I can physically fit any more into my somewhat full life. For example the week before last I was in Paris, London and New York in one week alone. But I have to say Im delighted I said yes to this invitation and I hope you will be too when you see each new film.

Now I'm n Vancouver preparing for my workshops here. My first time visiting and teaching in Canada. As usual, I can't wait! 

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I can't wait to see your video there.