Sunday, 7 February 2016

"I'm Alright Jack" Jack Russell Terrier in WAtercolour

"I'm Alright Jack"
Jack Russell Terrier in Watercolour

I have never known a miserable Jack Russell.  Our neighbour has two and the carer for the venue where I teach my watercolour courses in UK has two. As dogs they are bundles of energy and full of life. I love the sparkle in their eyes and the way they are constantly looking for something exciting to do.

I don't think I could manage owning one as I feel they need extra long walks than I can't offer but I absolutely adore them.

I have a painting of one in my mind but at the moment have no resource image to work from so I think I may have to make it up. But the resource image for the above photo, although artistically changed from the original was kindly forwarded to me by a friend on Facebook when I mentioned what I was looking for. In fact by mentioning I am looking for interesting images of dogs I was instantly and fabulously inundated with wonderful photographs so I think I may have dog models for a long time ahead of me. Beautiful ones.

Now I am really back in my studio and loving painting non stop. Experimenting for my new exhibition collection and this years workshops. I know everyone coming on my courses this year will have a really fantastic time as I am totally on a high. So be warned if you have managed to book a place. We are going to have fun!!


UK and USA workshops 2016

Please don't be put off by my fully booked workshops. There are often unexpected cancellations due to life's hiccups and sometimes even from a waiting list you can still get a place. So please email me on . 

There are a few places in Lake Tahoe, October 2016 and a new UK workshop literally has just opened.


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Leona said...

Lovely piece Jean and you are so right they are just bundles of energy one of my pugs is crossed with a Jack Russell and she jumps and spins and parkour's everywhere on everything, me included lol. I love all my dogs but I wouldn't choose to have one of these hyper dogs again lol