Saturday, 6 February 2016

Venice in Watercolour 2016

Study in Light

It is impossible not to love painting Venice, especially when you work in watercolour as I do. 
This afternoon the weather is so awful here in UK that I needed to paint something light and with a feeling of strong sunlight. The opportunity to escape via the stroke of a brush is a magical feeling that I wish everyone possessed.

The above study was sheer joy to create. I have worked mainly in turquoise and gold with hints of violet. Using water far more than pigment gives the study an atmospheric ethereal appearance.

Now to paint a larger piece which I will enjoy, not race.

My solo exhibition " A Brush with a Woman" will be including a variety of subjects and this may be one of them.

I feel so happy when I am painting. As if I fall into another world. One full of beauty which tends to flow into the way I see life.



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