Thursday, 4 February 2016

"Together" Elephants in Watercolour 2016

Elephants in watercolour
Copyright Jean Haines

I am currently working on a programme for four new films which will be released later this year. One is solely about how to paint animals in watercolour and will include dynamic techniques to bring animals to life via brushwork and interesting colour combinations.

I adore painting animals. I always have ever since I was a small child. As much as I love painting pets I must confess when I begin to paint widlife my heart leaps into another direction altogether as I feel for the plight of so many in this world. Who would have thought that in 2016 there would still be outdated fox hunting in UK for example, where people dress up in period costume to enjoy a day terrorising an animal which at the end of a horrific chase to exhaustion gets killed by a pack of hounds. 

How can we as a country condemn others acts of slaughter in the world when we allow this on our own doorstep? I hate hearing about poaching of elephants. I hate how their tusks are seen as a valued  treasure worh killing for.. I hate how animals parts are used for old fashioned beliefs such as their having medicinal qualities.

Who would have thought that so many acts of cruelty by now wouldn't have been a thing of the past?

Who would have thought that some humans still know no better?

So my wildlife paintings are truly emotional in that my love for them pours into each brushstroke.

Back to painting for me!


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