Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Wisteria in Watercolour 2016

Wisteria Coming to Life in Watercolour

I tend to dance from subject to subject with my brushes. Yesterday and today I have been painting Wisteria and I have felt in heaven whilst doing so purely because of the soft beauty of the flowers which are delightful to capture in watercolour. A medium that lends itself so wonderfully to creating magical atmosphere.
I begin with a soft wash using colours that I feel suit my subject. There needs to be a feeling of life and energy from the very beginning of a painting to create these floral scenes. I am aware if I touched the flowers in reality they would seem very light between my fingers. And so I keep my brushwork light too and I am convinced this helps which goes back to my Asian training  of how to use my brushes.

When you feel at one with what you are creating an amazing feeling takes over you, one of peace and calm.

I do wish I could bottle thsi feeling because it truly is so wonderful.

But back to painting for me.

I will be offline until next Monday so my blog may go a little quiet.

I will be gaining inspiration in Paris for a few days. 


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