Sunday, 27 November 2016

Learning From Experience : Christmas Wren 2016

"A Christmas Wren" 

I am still learning from every single experience in my life. While my husband is recovering from surgery it has been my daily task to fill the many bird feeders around our garden. I was aware how often my wonderfully caring husband fed the wildlife and feathered visitors to our garden. But until now I hadn't realised how time consuming this task is. I must add. This is one task I thoroughly enjoy because each time I fill a feeder I get the joy of watching the birds flock to eat greedily.

Among the daily feathered visitors to our  cottage garden is a tiny brown wren. This little bird isn't as colourful admittedly as the other feathered guests we entertain. But it is so sweet. It hovers nearby, shyly, sitting on a post that has a mixture of hedgerow growing over it including holly, ivy and other pretty shaped foliage.  The little bird seems to wait patiently until all the other birds have had their fill and then it coyly hops around eating whatever is left.

I love this little bird. 

And as I had yet another green mixed wash ready to work leaves on, I placed this sweet little bird in the new composition. And I will confess, I got carried away painting the foliage because now as well as holly berries there are also mistletoe berries sneaking into this almost Christmas scene.

This composition works as a crop also. As seen in the cropped version of my painting below. Here the composition works very well.

 Cropped version of " A Christmas Wren "

I enjoyed creating this piece and have left it on my easel to enjoy seeing when I walk into my studio tomorrow morning. I always like to end each day on a happy thought. This is a very happy thought, that I may see this little bird outside my window again tomorrow.

"A Christmas Wren" coming to life on my easel


Artist tip of the day?

Find joy in doing a daily chore that could otherwise be boring!
There is always a positive if you look for one, with me it was seeing this little wren.
What treasure will you find to paint in your next daily " chore"? 

 Happy Painting!


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