Sunday, 13 November 2016

Poppy Positivity

 Poppy Positivity

After such a long break from my studio it is so fantastic to be back creating, experimenting and expressing myself in colour. I have absolutely adored teaching my workshops this year both in UK and USA but I am now so desperate to paint just for me !

I have had some wonderful new ideas for creating that I haven't had time to put into practise but today I walked happily into my studio armed with some rather unusual "equipment" to play with. And I have had so much fun. Tomorrow I will be racing here after I have helped my husband with his physio. 

I can't wait!

I do find after a long break from serious painting it is always wonderful to simply play with colour and technique rather than aim for more serious outcomes. Today, inspired by Remembrance Sunday and the poppies everyone is wearing in remembrance of those who have fallen, I am painting in flowing reds. Hurling dark centres for random poppies in each o fmy compositions and allowing colour to create on its' own, rather than by my hand.

I love the freedom in the above and below paintings of poppies. Both creations aimed for the bin but both looking far too cheerful to quite make it.

And oh boy, are my workshops going to be fun next year but more about those in another blog post. I have so much to share and so little time to share at the moment!

Back soon!

Poppies created with everything but the kitchen sink!


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