Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Life Isn't Easy

"Autumn Waters"
View from my studio window 
Very quick study!

My life is very different at the moment. Usually I spend my days by racing to my studio each morning but that isn't possible now, for a while at least. My husband is recovering from knee surgery so for a little while longer my role is carer rather than artist. Even so I look longingly out of my cottage window each day at the autumnal foliage outside, which in afternoon sunlight is stunning.

I managed to take my brushes for a few minutes this afternoon and literally just place the colours I can see outside of my studio window on paper.

I started this very quick study by placing dots of Cadmium Yellow and Cadmium Orange along the upper section of my paper.  Encouraging them to merge with water application. I added darks for the tree trunks next, allowing them to hide behind the foliage in places above the horizon line and below in the reflections. From where I am standing I can see green at the edge of the water and then the golden leaves of the trees above are reflected upon it below.

Perhaps when I have more time I can try this scene again with more thought as to what I wish to achieve. But my goal today was simply to paint and know that I had. To fulfil a yearning inside my soul. I am never truly comfortable unless I have moved my brushes each day. Now I can rest because I know that I have.

But while my husband is recovering I am learning so much. I have been thinking about the many people who are full time carers. Whose time is given solely to looking after someone else. People of all ages. How compassionate and selfless they are. Putting their own lives on hold and in some cases permanently.

I think this time of nursing is doing me good. I needed to understand even more that time is a luxury that not everyone possesses. When we have the freedom to do exactly what we want, and when we want to do it, we shouldn't take it for granted.

Time is a gift.

And we should appreciate it far more than we do.

Maybe my next painting will be titled "Time".

We will see. 

But I am appreciating my time to paint so much more.



D Patterson said...

What a lovely post. I hope your hubby recovers quickly.

Bette Orr said...

Oh, how true, Jean! Time is so precious, as is our time here on earth. I treasure every minute I can move paint on paper. Thank you! Hope John's recovery continues on track! Hugs xxxx