Thursday, 6 April 2017

In Love With Spring

Primrose painting as a work in progress.

The problem with writing a new book is that I have some really fascinating completed paintings which I am absolutely bursting to share on my blog. But if I do, readers of my new book won't have any surprises. So I am keeping work from this new exciting publication hidden from view completely at the moment. Now, having confessed on many occasions that I am useless at keeping secrets you may understand how hard this is for me. I complete a painting and immediately want to share it on my blog.
I can't which is so frustrating!

But the good news is my new book is beginning to come to life and look fantastic. It is making me really examine how I usually paint, and it is making me think and see very clearly how I can improve my work. So much so that this weeks' paintings are singing, full of life , light and energy. I am thrilled.

The feeling each morning of racing to create is exhilarating. I am loving it. So for the time being I am turning into a recluse hiding in my studio and working very hard, writing and thinking of new ways to create, making sure each new chapter is easy to follow, is inspirational and gets readers racing for their brushes too. As  they read my next book. A very nice problem is , my new book is having this effect on me too. I can't stop painting. I am sleeping dreaming about painting and I am waking eager to see if my ideas work!

This is such a terrific life, being able to live with the eyes of an artist, the enthusiasm of an inquisitive child, and the zest  for adventure often found only in the very brave.

My sense of excitement right now should be leaping off my post as I am really so very, very happy.

Back to painting for me but I will share news of my workshops soon!

The primroses , seen above were painted in my cottage garden this afternoon. I grabbed a scrap pf paper and sat down to play with colour to unwind after a full day.   I am really pleased with the result so far. I just need to complete it!


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