Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Magnolia 2018

Study in Watercolour 2018

The sun is shining and I have been inundated with work today. From workshop administration to organising art work for several exhibitions. But all the time I have been looking at the glorious magnolia in my cottage garden as it beckoned me to paint it. All week I have longed to take five minutes out just to play with colour and try to capture this beautiful, flowering tree in watercolour.

The temptation got the better of me at about four o' clock this afternoon and I could resist it no longer. Armed with my new Daniel Smith Watercolours I set up an area where I could see the buds and blooms. I immediately moved my brush to see what happened. I listened to birdsong as  I worked. It was heaven.

I honestly believe if your heart is screaming at you to do something you should listen, and I did.

I am delighted with the colour combinations of my first study seen above and my second smaller study seen below.

Magnolia Study 2.
Detail to be added.

Now I will settle to the remaining administration but how good it felt to paint, alone, in my garden relaxing at the end of a hectic day.

Artists Tip of the Day?

Always follow your heart!



Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I love the soft blending of beautiful colors in these paintings.

Bright Road said...

Wonderful advice, Ms.Haines! Love, Tiffany Grey