Saturday, 8 April 2017

The Final Lap : Wey Gallery Collection 2017

 "The Final Lap"
Close up from larger painting
Please note : Copyright strictly Jean Haines

A collection of my new work is being delivered to the Wey Gallery in Godalming, Surrey, U.K this week including the action piece " The Final Lap"  seen in full below. The movement and energy in this horse racing scene seems far more dramatic off screen, as happens sometimes.

I have exhibited with the Wey Gallery for several years and my horse racing scenes have become very popular and collectible over time.  I love this gallery. Every time I visit I see new work by new artists and very unique art on display, beautifully presented.Owned and run by a very professional team who are so wonderful to work with.

I am drawn to the energy, movement and competitive spirit in these pieces which makes them a challenge and an exciting subject for my art. They also test my use of strong bold colour which I find Daniel Smith watercolours perfect for.  I cannot use pale insignificant shades for a moment in time as strong and dramatic as this.

In this piece you can just make out one jockey in particular aiming to take over the lead, but the winning horse is at the moment still heading for that finish line as if it is winning.

A combination of determination, skill and knowledge.

Just like painting.

"The Final Lap"
Please note : Copyright strictly Jean Haines.

Details on this and my other work at the Wey Gallery can be found via this link.


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