Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Scented Violets: Spring 2017

"Sweet Violets"

This afternoon I visited Christine who used to handle my UK workshop bookings. In her garden she has a wonderful path that is covered with wild  violets and she kindly gave me a small posy which I  hastily painted on my return to my studio. The posy is now on my easel, as seen above,  as these delicate flowers don't last very long in a vase.

As I painted them I smiled because Christine once came to vist me some time back ,with a tiny glass jar full of violets from her garden which I also painted. After a while  I gave Christine her little glass jar back but by this time I had fallen in love with it. It wasn't special. It was just like a little jam pot but incredibly small and sweet. Perfect for holding small flowers like violets.

Christine later, knowing me well,  gave me a gift one Christmas which was a box full of things I loved but wrapped amongst these treasures was one better than any other. It was my own little glass jar to put violets in. I loved the kind gesture.

I now have my own violets  starting to bloom in my own cottage garden. Not as many as in Christines' garden yet but in time there will be more, as they self seed and plant themselves everywhere. Each time I see this little flower I always think of Christine now.

I enjoyed playing with colours this afternoon to create this quick little study. Seen above. And I loved the happy memories it brought back to me.

Isn't it funny how one little thing can lead you to thinking of so many others?


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