Sunday, 3 October 2010

Magic Moments

Cat Appearing from Vibrant First Wash

It had to happen. Because my week was absolutely full of important meetings all connected with my art I haven't hada lot of time to paint. Instead I have been driving all over UK meeting the most amazing of people who have given me such  fantastic invitations and feedback about my style and techniques.But the frustration of not actually being able to physically create hit me hard this morning.

To be honest it started hitting me yesterday afternoon during my demonstration at Basingstoke Art Club. The colour simply flowed as if by magic and I desperately wanted to race to my studio today.

This morning I have looked at my week ahead and the exhibitions I have coming up. I have also been invited to exhibit in a show with an animal theme in November. So chose to start on a new collection to include stunning and exciting pieces as this will be my first time to show in this particular gallery.

I am also  recieving  many requests for my cat paintings as I have only one available at the moment which will be in my next exhibition in Alton. I have been enjoying it in my home and almost kept it because of the eye which I love. I am parting with this piece but I seriously hope it goes to a home of someone who loves it as much as I do.

I seriously only paint what I want to and when I want to paint it. This means if you have been looking for a  particular subject of mine it can be really frustrating because there is often a wait involved. I won't apologise because when I do paint it there will always be emotion in my brushstrokes and sheer love and passion for what I am working on. I don't  "churn out" paintings nor do want to gain the reputation of being one who does. Each piece is special to me in how it is created.

Which is why this morning when my gorgeous fluffy ginger cat came waltzing in from a night on the town looking rather pleased with himself I simply couldn't resist painting him. He has taken over the best seat in the living room as his. From here he can look out at the garden we are so lovingly working on and he can watch the ducks he will never catch due to their ability to  race to the water before he reaches them. He can admire the small birds he will never catch because of the small bells on his new collar. And so he can  dream of all he could do given half the chance. I adore his face. You can imagine what he is thinking. His eyes are alert and  just waiting for that right moment to pounce.

Or not.

Having just eaten a huge bowl of breakfast he  washed  his paws with pride and I know it won't be long before he falls into a deep sleep and he probably won't even move for the rest of the day.


He is alive in this painting as in no other. My emotions are at one with my brush and I know instinctively this is an exhibition piece.

Or mine!

As yet I don't own a single one of my cat paintings as they sell too well.

But there is magic in my brush this morning. Magic from a week of waiting to paint, a week of knowing exactly how I want to see watercolour flow and  a week of demonstrating to others.

Its my turn now. My studio time and I am so happy to be at one with my brush creating.




Cynthia Schelzig,Cynnie said...

What a beautiful story about your ginger cat. Cats are such amazing and beautiful creatures and it truly shows in your cat pieces.

cheryl said...

brilliant,love this as always.So pleased for you, you sound as if your spirit is starting to lift and heal from your loss and again Jean I am so thrilled that all your wonderful skills and artistic flair are being rewarded you so deserve this.Look forward to being with you next year and thank you for still managing time to share in your hectic world.

Jean Haines SWA said...

Thank you so much Cynnie,cats truly are fascinating in so many ways. Thank you so much for you replies and it really is wonderful to know you,


Jean Haines SWA said...

Hello Cheryl

I have been knocked for six since losing Taffy and it has been so hard to paint at times with that feeling of joy and happinness that truly affects my results. But I turned a corner and yes, I am back where I feel best in my studio with the right attitude of positivity at last!

My world gets more hectic by the minute but I hope to update my blog with all my news soon and I can't wait to see you again on the workshops next year as you are always a sheer joy to be around. Happy painting to you and I hope you have a gorgeous Autumn,the colours here are so beautiful right now,