Tuesday, 5 October 2010

New Exhibitions

Cockerel seeming to jump off  the paper as it develops via colour and brushstrokes
Minus a preliminary sketch

Yesterday  a collection of watercolours left my studio to be framed for the Market Street Gallery exhibition which opens on 21st October. In this show the cover of my book will be on view for the first time and I felt that connection as artists do when these special pieces leave you for a length of time. It is a favourite and always will mean a lot to me. But so will the favourites which I have parted with for this event like the cat that has been here with me for some time because I just couldn't part with its eye of all things! The green always  seemed to connect with me and a I had a feeling of  happiness simply by looking at it. It is so strange how an image can change our moods or lift our spirits. I seem to have pieces that do just that and  I have been told this is why they become collectible as much as their composition and subject matter. The feeling behind each piece and emotions it triggers.

This is my second show at the Market Street Gallery this year as I held a successful exhibition there in Spring of this year.

Now it is time to complete the body of work for my exhibition in London  which opens in November, In fact I have two exhibitions next month but one is a group show which I am delighted to have been invited to particpate in. I will share more details on these later because this morning I really do need to get those brushes moving magically.

Sometimes subjects literally seem to  jump off the paper and come towards me while I work as in the above cockerel which needs a name. Perhaps one will  come to me today when I complete it!



Lorraine said...

I so enjoy coming to your site and seeing what wondrous paintings you are painting and enjoying your commentary on your artistic life. I've been reading your book with great enthusiasm and am absolutely blown away with the colors, the style, and your overall talent. Unfortunately I will probably never make it to England to see your shows in person so it is especially wonderful to being to see your work online here in the U.S.

Have you ever considered cards or small prints of your paintings. I am a cat person and would especially enjoy those.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with the world.

Olivia said...

Jean, I've got so much pleasure to come and see your watercolors on your blog. Thank you.