Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Softly Does It

Cats eye coming to life in a soft first wash

It is an interesting week with meetings,calls, orders,deliveries and discussions for future exhibitions,demonstrations and workshops.With so many wonderfully exciting projects and new opportunities I am beginning to ask the question. How do other professional artists manage to find time to paint when there is so much to do that keeps you out of the studio?

In the last few weeks I have visited galleries, travelled to new destinations to give talks and demonstrations related to watercolour and my book. I have found time to be involved in meetings regarding  incredible art events  for 2011 and then I have been working on my own schedule for next year which is filling up so quickly to the point I may need to start looking ahead to 2012.

There are only so many hours in the day and I truly want to paint as often as I can. And so this morning finds me in my studio really excited as today is the day I can work freely on new pieces and look through those already started to the point where I had stopped because they had reached the exciting stage of being almost complete but not quite. I am like a child in a candy store with so much to choose to work on.

One of my cats made a delightful model yet again by posing near my easel. I couldn't resist working on her sweet gentle character in very soft watercolour. "Biscuit" can land anywhere with grace and quiet movements unlike Buster the larger male cat who is heavier and dare I say quite clumsy for a cat!

Here is Biscuit developing in my first colourful brushstrokes.

Cat coming to life in soft use of watercolour.

I genuinely feel I am literally breathing life into this piece as I can hear my cats contented purring in the background which seems to be bringing this subject even more alive on paper. I am trying to capture the essence of this pretty creature by colour and brushwork alone and she really is beginning to appear in front of my eyes as if by magic.

How great life is as an artist.

My Autumn Workshops  commence  this month with "watercolours With Life" , "Autumn Glory"  and the return of my popular session  with the theme "Africa".  Can everyone attending ensure they have beautiful gold colours to work with as these are going to be incredible and excitingly vibrant sessions!



aariho said...

Ilove to hear about your work - and to look at it. The cat will be wonderful! Good luck with your paintings!

Marie Theron said...

You are so busy!!! I am glad that there is the balance and peace of you lovely home!