Saturday, 2 October 2010

Life in the Fast Lane

"Forty Winks"

It has been yet another incredible week and time is literally flying by with one amazing event after the other. 
Last Sunday I was signing books as a guest speaker at Warwick University. Since then I've been in London for a meeting with the Society of Artists and then raced to the New Forest for another successful meeting there. This afternoon I am giving a demonstration  for Basingstoke Art Group. I have recieved some wonderful invitations from galleries inviting me to show with them and I am working on my second book and magazine features.

With three exhibitions coming up before Christmas I will be painting quietly from here in and enjoying my studio time. 

Being a professional artist involves far more than painting. It means making time for so many aspects of this career that probably aren't quite so obvious at first. Even so I never fully imagined how hectic my life would become as an artist until now. In all honesty I love every part of my life and each new day or new proposal is  as exciting as the very first I recieved years ago. But I am  very aware I cannot say yes to everything which means sitting back and making wise decisions so that my workshops are the best imaginable  in 2011 and my new work will also be the most exciting I have ever created.

To do this I need rest also to recharge my batteries so long walks with my young Bearded Collie give me plenty of thinking and planning time whilst being surrounded by stunning  rural views which inspire me. I look at this sleeping puppy study and  smile. Pets know instinctlively when to sleep throughout the day. For me there is no such luxury and even if there was I would be dreaming about painting!



Anonymous said...

beautiful puppy, and love the watercolor effects here. You are so talented, absolutely....
peace n abundance,
don't forget that naps are just as beneficial to humans as to pups

bricarwaller said...

'Forty Winks' is terrific! So beautiful and soft! I just love it. Congratulations on all of your success.

Cynthia Schelzig,Cynnie said...

What a precious puppy....just gorgeous!