Sunday, 24 October 2010

Autumn Glory 2010

 Autumn Leaves

Looking Down.
Considering I continually ask everyone to look around them and take in everything they see I find myself now  suggesting everyone doesn't forget to look down because so much beauty is on the ground at this time of year. Gorgeous colours create abstract shapes at our feet which are perfect for new inspiration to pick up the brush. I am finding thesSeasons are flying by literally and I am having to move quickly to seriously enjoy each one, taking in the exciting changes taking place before my eyes on daily basis. There is  so much to be grateful for. Nature truly is a great teacher in art.


Galleries and Demonstrations

Last week saw me racing all over the place for meetings regarding exhibitions, workshops and incredible new projects along with the opening of my exhibition at the Market Street Gallery. I now have a new paintings at the Wey Gallery in Godalming and  two collections are ready for upcoming shows in Winchester and Wales. Next week sees the last of my 2010 workshops which have been fully booked for some time now. These I am so looking forward to because they cover a variety of topics,one being my favourite " Africa" session which is always  full of amazing animals in vibrant colour combinations.

Yesterday I was the guest artist demonstrating for Odiham Art Group and a fun day  passed by far too quickly. Thank you to everyone there for the wonderfully warm reception and great atmosphere. I loved the  results and still can see the wonderful swan, white flowers, anenome, lamb and many more great paintings that magically appeared during the afternoon. I hope more brilliant paintings follow next week!


2011 Watercolour Workshops

Watercolour workshop dates for 2011 are now available  and seem to be increasingly popular. Please contact me by email as soon as possible if you would like a place. Each group is deliberately small in number to ensure everyone has a fantastic time, can see demonstrations easily and gain personal guidance when needed throughout the day. The aim is for everyone to not only have an incredible day but leave each workshop feeling inspired and 100% motivated to paint non stop when they return home.

So far my addiction to watercolour appears to be very contagious and I am thrilled!

For full details  please contact


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