Saturday, 30 October 2010

Watercolour Workshops

"Bichon Frise"
Original Watercolour  - Work in Progress
Demonstration during the Watercolour Workshops in Norway 2010

An amazing week full of inspirational workshops and amazing people on them from Italy,Spain and of course here in U.K too. I started the week with "Watercolours With Life". My increasingly popular workshop that covers a variety of techniques and subjects as an introduction to working minus the use of a preliminary sketch. Next came the "Autumn Gold" workshop where we looked at subjects that could be painted in a  number of  glorious golds using texture effects to capture them. Finally the theme " Africa " was the last session and many elephants emerged during the day as expected. Time as always has flown and the workshops seemed to have disappeared faster than they arrived. A sign of a  successful week!

I haven't been able to update my blog since I have been back in my studio due to the  large number of emails thanking me for the inspirational days and requests for my 2011  watercolour workshop programme. Many of these messages have seriously touched my heart in ways I cannot describe. They have also motivated me to ensure next year we also have a fantastic time creating paintings in watercolour that are unique and full of vibrant colour. To hear that every session has been thoroughly enjoyed, that everyone leaving feels like painting non stop and believes attaining great results is now achievable is such an incredible high for any  demonstrating artist.

Thank you to everyone who came and made this week so memorable. I will be sharing special moments when I have time. That egg, the grapes, not forgetting a certain nose, a giraffe and so many wonderful studies too. And we must not miss out the beautiful Parsley which must be shared and soon. I had no idea Parsley would even be making an entrance this week as a subject. Who would have thought!

In the messages I have recieved I have been complimented on my teaching style, my way of making sure everyone relaxes in the room and  comments on how enjoyable each day has been. The silence when I demonstrate still makes me smile as we often could hear a pin drop during these times of the day and that too was so wonderful. Subjects come to life as if by magic via a few brushstrokes and fresh colour  interacting has a way of making us all feel terrific.

My 2011 Watercolour Programme is available and if you contact me  I will ensure you recieve details.

There is an exclusive special  workshop next year on " How to Paint Dogs in a Loose Style" in February where those attending will  be requested to bring photographs of their dogs to the session to be captured in a unique way, full of life , emotion and exciting colour combinations.

As always please book early as there are limited places in each workshop.


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