Monday, 11 October 2010

Lucky Updates.

"Almost Hare"
From my book" How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour"
On show for the first time next week at 
The Market Street Gallery in Alton.
Hampshire, U.K.

I have been inundated with email messages requesting information for my 2011 workshops and demonstrations here in U.K and abroad. I am thrilled but as my schedule is really busy at the moment with four exhibitions before Christmas and  working on new paintings for galleries I am showing in  I sadly haven't had time to reply. 

I do have very exciting news regarding workshop themes for next year and a heavenly location for artists travelling to see me from abroad. I also am so grateful for everyone who has very kindly taken time to contact me to let me know they like my book. No one will ever fully understand how much each positive comment means to me. To write has always been a dream of mine, to know my passion for art is being enjoyed in my first book, well to be honest words fail me to describe how very happy I am. But I don't take a single word or email message for granted. I sit feeling very honoured and touched that a stranger should take  time to contact me and I wish  my smile could be witnessed when I read each line. I feel small, humble and full of gratitude.

I owe so many people so much and I cannot say thank you enough from the bottom of my heart for making this artist one who is over the moon. However my feet are very firmly still on the ground. There are many artists in this world, many who are so gifted and talented. Far more than I. Many who I look up to and admire. I am on a journey and loving each step of the way. To have those beside me who enjoy my style keeps me moving forwards and I am really inspired by all that is said to me. Inspired,thrilled and motivated to a whole new level.

I hope to catch up with personal messages soon and also get the dates and location for my art workshops next year on my blog when time permits. My gallery work right now is a priority as I have deadlines to meet before the end of this month.

For now my " lucky hare" from my first book is firmly by my side in my studio but  may be  racing to the Market Street Gallery next week as part of the show there. I am finding it so hard to part with a piece that has been so loved by so many and seems to have brought me no end of good luck!
Another big decision I need to make and quickly, to keep it or let it go!

Thank you so much everyone!



Lindsey said...

let your lovely hare move on and....paint another and then another and...! I love the eye - such luminescence!

Cynthia Schelzig,Cynnie said... the title too...very clever. Wonderful cards below in the last post too.