Monday, 11 October 2010

New Card Designs For Autumn

Market Street Gallery
New exhibition card collection

I am working on a new selection of cards which will be launched at the Market Street Gallery during my Colour and Light Exhibition which opens next week. I couldn't resist choosing " Five in a Row", a favourite painting of Bearded Collies with my two Taffy and Bailey amongst the group. These lovable shaggy haired dogs are so adorable to know as a breed. And having recently lost Taffy it is my way of keeping him with me in my next exhibition.

"Five in a Row "
Bearded Collies

My cat paintings have been so popular that at the time of typing this blog entry only one is available and this is one that has been in my home and enjoyed for some time.So I am parting with " Wheres The Birdie" in as part of the show and this will be available as a card from the gallery next week.

 " Wheres the Birdie"
Original Painting from my Market Street Gallery Exhibition
Available as cards also which will be launched during the event
The new card of the cover of my book will be available alongside the painting which will be on show for the first time during the Market Street Gallery exhibition along with other paintings from my book which will also be on show for the first time.

"Beauty Of Venice"
Cover of my first book " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour"

Knowing which pieces will be in the exhibition I am looking forward to seeing them framed and as a body of work. My return to the Market Street Gallery this Autumn is really a pleasure. I can't wait until next week.

If you are near Hampshire please visit the gallery during 21st October and 4th November. I will be there for the Preview for book signing and details of the event can be found on the Market Street Gallery, Alton web site.


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