Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Finland Workshops 2017

 Just a note to explain that I leave tomorrow for my fully booked workshops in Finland so my blog may fall quiet until I return. It really has been an incredible few weeks with guests arriving here from Daniel Smith in USA and also last weekend I was at a wonderful event with my publishers where I was honoured with such glowing compliments about my books, very humbling and really so heart warming.

I have so much to share but as days pass so little time to share recently. From new paintings. terrifically exciting ideas on new ways to work in watercolour, new colours and products and oh so much more. But I will try to catch up when I come back.

So all I can say for now is

"Watch this space!" 

But even more importantly can I thank everyone, for following my blog, for encouraging me on my art journey and for liking my art. I am a watercolour addict. I will never change but I love that I am offered so much support and love from so many people worldwide. 
Thank you!


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sofarsogood said...

I just returned from Finland in April. I'd be interested to hear about your trip and where you went.