Saturday, 12 August 2017

Finland 2017

Interview in Finland

I am home from a wonderful trip to Finland where I taught two sold out workshops. Beautifully hosted and organised by Gunvor  Sarelin Sjoblom. My time their literally flew by and I met so many wonderful people. I really would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended my courses there but a huge special thank you must go to Gunvor because this idea was her " baby".

Gunvor attended my workshops in UK last year and loved them so much that she invited me to hold workshops in Finland where she lives. At first I thought my schedule for 2017 was already so tight that I held back on accepting the proposal. But finally I realised I had a one week slot available and gave these dates to Gunvor. That was it! From there everything was arranged as in venue, and artists started to book one of the two courses.  Both workshops sold out and had wait lists for cancellation places.

When I arrived I was thrilled with the teaching venue, full of natural light and every artist had plenty of personal space to work.  I loved each group so very much. I have to also say this is the first time a group of artists broke into song whilst I was demonstrating. The atmosphere was happy and light and so magical.

All too soon it was time to return to UK and I have some lovely photographs to share when I have more free time but right now I am desperately catching up in my studio. I have many new invitations for workshops to reply to. It never ceases to amaze me that just one person wanting me to visit their country can be as wonderfully effective as this last week in Finland.

Gunvor was that one special person on this trip who made things happen. A dream come true.

Thank you Gunvor and thank you to every artist making my first teaching trip to Finland so fantastic!


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Intianminttu said...

My dream came true when I had to opportunity to participate your workshop here in Finland (I also give my thanks to Gunvor for organizing your visit and courses). I am still smiling! The workshop was great and you are so talented artist and inspirational teacher. Thank you! Best Wishes, Katja.