Saturday, 12 August 2017

A Brush With a Woman Exhibition 2017 : SOLD

"Taking Flight"
Blue Tit in Flight
Painting from my next solo exhibition 2017

It's started happening already! 

My next solo exhibition takes place in September and already I have received interest in favourite subjects long before the show has even opened. The above painting of a blue tit in flight has been reserved before the show as someone really loved it and desperately wanted to make sure it was theirs. This happens quite often with my shows as collectors seem to know there might only be one of each subject such as hare or wildlife.

I do have some fantastic pieces in this new collection and everyone is welcome to attend.  But if you are after a certain favourite subject please keep an eye on my blog as I will share some of the paintings with full details from time to time before the show so that you can get an idea of what will be available and for sale.

If you wish to come to the Preview Evening please contact Jan, the owner of the gallery for an invitation. Please bear in mind you will be most welcome, I will be there and happy to sign books and greet you.


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