Friday, 25 August 2017

" A Summers Day" Solo Exhibition, 1st September 2018

" A Summers Day"  .
 H72 x 82cms 
( Watercolour and fine gold leaf )
All summer I have watched butterflies dancing in our cottage garden. I have sat and painted them as they hovered over all the flowers but the sight that mesmerised me most of all this year was the carpet of wild ox-eye daisies growing in the woodland section of the garden. They attracted so many gorgeous varieties of butterflies. I took endless photographs of them and I painted as many as I could.

I love the above painting as I was sat with sunshine playing on my shoulders as I worked. The butterflies seemed so carefree. They flitted gently around each new flower, stopping now and then but only briefly as they quickly moved on each time to somewhere new.

It dawned on me how magical butterflies are and how they represent life in so many ways. We are here on earth briefly and we too should enjoy as much as possible whilst we have the opportunity. 
So if the sunshines enjoy it whilst you can. 
And if you are fit enough to dance, dance. 
There will be times ahead when you may wish that you hadn't wasted so many opportunities that came your way.

I've called this piece " A Summers Day" and it will form part of my new collection on show at 
The Frame Gallery in my solo exhibition
" A Brush With a Woman" 
which opens next Friday night 1st September 2018,  from 5.30 to 8.30p.m. ,
 with a preview event that everyone is welcome to attend.

Full details about my exhibition can be found directly from the gallery web site via this link.


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