Tuesday, 22 August 2017

UK Watercolour Workshops 2018 : Update

"Colours of a workshop "

UK Watercolour Workshops 2018
  Almost sold out! 

I am slowly coming up for air after handling all the email requests for places on my workshops in 2018.  I am only running a limited number of courses because I too want to paint and enjoy creating, as well as teaching.  I announced the 2018 dates were available last Thursday evening. Emails have flooded in so a huge thank you to everyone who has been so prompt in getting in touch with me. I have been very fair and contacted everyone in the order that I received the emails and requests for places. So everyone who has been in touch with me should now have seen my workshop programme or been signed up for a place on next years schedule.

Please note :  If you haven't heard from me by now please get in touch.

Frighteningly, there are now only a few places available on next years workshops in UK. 
Please, if you are interested in attending any of my courses and haven't as yet emailed me, could you get in touch with me as soon as possible. 

Contact me on jeanhaines@hotmail.com
Title your email :  UK Workshops  2018

A few tips for next year .

1) If you do come on my courses , anywhere , please don't wear white and if you do please don't stand next to me when I am demonstrating. I am getting messier by the minute when I paint!

2) Do try to ensure you have some free time when you leave for home after the courses. So that you can paint using all the information absorbed, and at your leisure .  Trust me, you will want to be painting and how!

3) Many people make life long friends on my courses. Such is the dynamics of the groups. Even if you don't think you will. The courses are friendly, inspirational and motivational. And intended to be so.

4) I live in what is called Jane Austen country. Hampshire , UK . Non painting partners find  quite a lot to see and do. 

5) I'm addicted to so many new colours and products so you will possibly fall in love with many new ideas, but that's a good  thing.  We can't stay the same when we paint!


For the last few workshop places please email jeanhaines@hotmail.com ASAP

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