Wednesday, 30 August 2017

I Miss You Most of All : Blackberries

"Autumnal Gold"
Blackberry hedgerow in Autumn Golds. 
Original watercolour.

 " And I miss you most of all, my darling, when Autumn leaves start to fall "

Out of the blue it came.  A huge sadness from the hole in my heart that still hasn't healed from losing my four legged best friend Bailey, who passed away almost a year ago. The anniversary of parting with him is not far away and I am telling myself to pull myself together but it isn't easy. Because now is my favourite time of year. I loved walking with him first thing in the morning, to gather blackberries to bring home for jam making. And to enjoy other delicious delights from cooking with freshly harvested fruit from the countryside.

I would leap out of bed each day, race downstairs to be bowled over by my huge hairy mutt before heading off to the woodlands, fields or deserted country lanes that we both loved exploring. Something the two of us did whilst the world was sleeping. The silence only broken by bird song , mainly from the sweetest robin that seemed to greet us and follow us for part of our ramble.

Bailey will always be on  my mind whenever I paint scenes from our  daily adventures which is why this morning a few tears fell before I could stop them. I miss him so much.  But life goes on and here I am in my studio. I have been here since very early this morning as I left my painting haven with so many gorgeous works from my new book to be completed for the final chapters. Everything looks so beautiful that walking into my studio today was sheer bliss. My heart raced looking at my new horse racing scenes which are full of  dramatic colour and action. And there are soft ethereal roses in watercolour near the studio space set by for my work which is to be framed or mounted.

On my easel are a vibrant collection of autumnal paintings. My favourite shade, Quinachridone Gold stands out in all of them. I use Daniel Smith "Quin Gold" as I believe it is the best on the market and it always gives any painting a fabulous instant boost of liquid warmth.

This blackberry painting on my easel was inspired by one of my UK workshops last year. Seen below on my easel. I asked everyone on my course to go outside and collect foliage or berries from the hedgerow to paint. And following my demonstration we worked really hard bringing the treasures to life in watercolour. But I have changed as an artist since then. I now have so much more to share and I cannot wait for my workshops to commence this Fall in USA and next year in UK.
And my new book happily will include all my new colour suggestions and ideas for bringing a subject to life in this wonderful medium that I never tire of using.

 Autumnal Glow on my easel as a work in progress.

I miss Bailey but painting  is bringing back sweet memories of our time together. And I can't help thinking of that famous song.

"Autumn Leaves".

I do miss you most of all Bailey, when Autumn Leaves start to fall.

  Close up of a section from my Autumnal Gold watercolour


In case you haven't seen my fluffy muppet of a dog who I miss so much. Here he is, my sweet faithful hound and very wonderful four legged best friend.



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Chrissie Watson said...

This brought tears to my eyes Jean - beautiful words and gorgeous painting - thank you xx