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UK Watercolour Workshops 2018 : How To Book

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Open for booking now!

Following on from my last blog post I would like to explain how booking for my UK Watercolour Workshops is working this year.  In the past, I had a fabulous PA, Christine, who kindly sent out  my UK workshop programmes to everyone who was on my email contact list. Christine retired last year but we both realised that places on my courses were sold out long before I even had the chance to advertise them.  Because of this situation I have been inundated with emails over the last few years from artists and newcomers to my work asking me "How on earth do people get a place on your workshops?" There has even been a joke recently that getting a place on my workshops is similar to getting tickets at Glastonbury, such is their popularity!

It is true my courses in the past have sold out the minute dates have been announced. I do put my all into each course and I'm not happy unless everyone attending has left feeling 100% inspired from my sessions.

But this year I am doing things very differently. To give everyone a fair chance at getting a place I have told everyone to keep en eye on my blog for  UK workshop announcements. The programme of 2018 courses has now been formed and is ready to be sent out to anyone who is interested in coming to one of my courses. If you are reading this you are among the first this week to hear about my next years programme.  But I have already been inundated with messages and as I am handling the bookings personally it is taking me time to even forward the workshop list and from Monday next week I will have contacted everyone who has contacted me so far. 

How to find out what courses are available?
There are a limited number of two day and one day courses available in 2018 in April, May and August. Because I travel for my international courses and exhibit , my time to teach in UK is now getting less each year.
 Email me as on
You will be sent a workshop list with all the information you need on courses, dates, fees and location. 

How do I select a course?
 Choose a course that appeals to you most of all. But bear in mind all are intended to be exciting, highly inspirational and motivational.

 What level of artist do I have to be to come?
 My workshops appeal to everyone. I have many professional artists come to me because they have lost the buzz when they paint. All their enthusiasm has been lost so I give them a boost, a renewed energy bringing back the joy in their approach to painting. Beginners come too and they love being introduced to the fantastic world that is watercolour. So everyone is welcome but do mention when you book a course if you are new to painting, as it will help me guide you to your best workshop selection choice.

Should I be nervous?
Absolutely NOT! 
If you come on one of my courses in minutes you will be at ease and I can safely say that I'll help you relax and love painting.  

How do I pay ?
Once you have selected your  workshop you will be sent a second  email with paying options and only when this  payment has been cleared your course  and place is confirmed. 

Cancellation Fee and Refund Policy
Please read this carefully if you are thinking of booking a course.  In the past I have been really generous by either not having a cancellation fee or refund policy in place but it hasn't worked for several reasons. Full details are now given at the time of booking.


So next week I will be contacting everyone who has already got in touch or who is still to contact me.

Stage 1. Email me for course details
Stage 2. Email me your workshop choice
Stage 3. Pay to confirm your booking.

As simple  as one,two,three!

So if you haven't contacted me already, please do so now!
Title of your email:  UK Workshops 




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