Tuesday, 22 August 2017

"I Can't" I said.

Blue Tit in Watercolour

This afternoon I had a wonderful message from the owner of The Frame Gallery who are hosting my solo exhibition which opens on 1st September  , next month.  Apparently everyone loves the blue tit painting on the Preview Invitation  for my show. So much so, that several people wish to buy it. It has however already been reserved. Collectors often do this to ensure they get the piece they wish to purchase.

I loved reading the gallery message and smiled when I was asked 
" Do you have any other Blue Tit paintings ?"
"If you haven't, is there any chance that you can paint another?"

" I can't " was my reply.

Don't you just detest those words the minute you have said them.

And I don't even believe in the two words

" I can't". 

I tell everyone who comes on my workshops that they can because I believe negativity can pull us down. Knocking our faith  in our own ability.

But I can't  paint another bird in time because I have deadlines to meet for magazine features, and my new book to work on and I have to prepare for my upcoming USA tour.

" I can't" I thought to myself. 

But then on a branch outside my studio a tiny bird sat looking at me.

" You can" it seemed to say.

I tried to ignore it. But it put its' head on one side and looked at me again. 

" You can" 

Perhaps five minutes just painting it, I thought ,would be a welcome break as today has been so busy.

I grabbed my paper and almost willed the little bird to sit still for me.  Its' little  feathers lifted in the breeze. It flew away at one point but then came back. As if to see how far I had gone with my painting of it and I laughed. I must admit I don't sit still for long either so I didn't mind their brief flight.

Actually I have thought about it.

I can!

So there might be another Blue Tit painting in my solo show but you will only know if you are there!

Its' always best to believe " we can" and in this case I can honestly say a little bird told me so!


My show is at The Frame Gallery in Odiham , Hampshire, UK.
Full details can be found on my web site

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