Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Race Against Time : Gallery Collection

" Race Against Time"
Close up of a new painting 

There is no way I can leave my favourite subject of horse racing scenes for far too long. And I seem to paint them with a stronger sense of action when I am raced for time, meeting deadlines. Right now I have so much on but having been contacted by several new galleries recently who wish to represent me the urge to "get back in the saddle" with a favourite subject and paint a whole new collection using my new techniques and colours . That urge is too hard to ignore.

I have changed in style. I do constantly which is natural as an artist grows and their work evolves. Some of my work is soft and ethereal, other work is bold and daring.  It really depends on the chosen subject in which form of colour I will use or indeed its' application.  Lately I have been experimenting with colour application on paper. Preparing the surface using many forms of products and liquids other than water. I am really excited with this new work because it is extremely bold  and does carry an energy. A sense of drama that is lost when the images are shared on line. 
The colours are loud. The action undeniable.

 Bold and dramatic colour application

I am sitting here thinking of all the times in the past I have heard comments such as " I don't like using watercolour because it is so " wishy washy" "


Watercolour is the most magical of mediums when handled with respect for what it can do as a medium. It doesn't have to be pale and insignificant. It can sing as loudly and as beautifully, if not more so, than any other medium. But then I am biased!

 My new horse racing collection isn't ready to go on show yet. But when it is I will be sharing where it can be viewed. For now I am racing against time trying to complete my book before I leave for USA this Autumn, and looking forward to my solo exhibition which opens this Friday in Hampshire , U.K.  .

 "Racing against time"
A work in progress.
Gallery Collection

Close up of the winning jockey. At least he is winning at the moment.
As always, in life  and in races anything can change in a heartbeat!


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Kim said...

You mentions that you are using a variety of products other than water to prepare your painting, would be interested to know what those products are and your process for your beautiful work! Thanks