Monday, 2 April 2018

A Steet Dog Named Abner : Dedicated to Janice Blore

 "A Street Dog Named Abner"
(" What big ears you have!" )

Some time back I was invited to teach watercolour workshops in Vancouver by Janice Blore who runs "Artescapes". I delightedly accepted and have since returned and each time loved my time there.

Janice is the most wonderful workshop host. She is generous, genuinely caring and extremely professional. But what hits you about meeting Janice is her heart which is huge. And my painting above is a testament to her kindness and love.

My model for this study is Abner who is a little Mexican rescue dog.

Abner is an escapee! On arrival at the workshop location each attending artist is asked very nicely to be very careful when opening and closing the door as little Abner likes the thought of running around streets still,  but he is safer under the watchful eye of Janice.

 This cute little bundle of fun entertains and is so adorable that when I picked up my brushes yesterday and initially painted a blob of colour I could see him in the " blob" long before I had even decided what it was even going to be.

I have loved teaching in Vancouver and meeting people there.

And I have literally adored meeting little Abner!

Thank you Janice for hosting and being so fantastic.

I hope this post gives you a surprise!



Janice Blore said...

What a wonderful surprise to see this most generous post. Abner and I loved having you here and even when you were gone, the studio echoed for weeks with the happy sounds of your classes. We miss you and John and hope to see you again soon. Love, Janice and Abner. xoxo

thomas w schaller said...

Oh Jean! What a beautiful and touching post. You are so right in all you say of Janice and Abner (the luckiest dog in the world ) has been given a new lease on life with the best possible person. And the painting!! Superb - you have captured him perfectly! Makes my day - Love, Tom

Dhiraj Deka (D.D) said...

Excellent work with limited touch.