Monday, 30 April 2018

Out Of The Woods : Hospitals and Grey Hairs!

"Out Of The Woods"
Textural Work in Progress

Well heres' the thing. I hate admitting that I haven't been well but last week saw me in hospital. Before that I was really poorly and struggling but being me, I wouldn't admit it. I am having a health "blip" for want of a better way to describe it. It started when I was leaving USA on my recent tour. I wasn't well on the flight from Hawaii to Phoenix. In Phoenix we couldn't see or meet up with friends there as again I was so unwell that I had to rest before my flight home. I thought I would be fine once we returned to UK. And for a while I was. But then things went slightly haywire and after visiting our local doctor  I saw a consultant and then had two hospital visits. One being last week, which health wise was not the best of weeks but things are looking up. The big "C", that word that terrifies all of us has been ruled out. Biopsies have been taken just in case but my consultant is confident nothing nasty in that way will show up. Thank heavens. So in many ways I am " Out of the Woods" hence the title of the painting, a work in progress, seen above.

So many of our friends have Cancer. 
And it is a word I dread hearing. 

To be told "we need to eliminate "along with the worry that this is what could have been wrong gave me a few grey hairs. But that is the least of my worries.  In fact if all we ever had to worry about was grey hair our lives would be blessed.

I am seeing a specialist later today and I will be going back to the consultant. But soon hopefully we will know what is wrong, causing my health hiccup and how to deal with it.

But the best news is, I feel much better and I am back in my studio painting and looking forward to now being able to focus on my art, garden and family again. For a while I was out of sorts. I'm feeling much better now, the sky is looking sunnier and my paintings should be far brighter!

Like life!

In fact, I now feel so much happier I will be painting up a storm again. In vibrant colours of course.


To all my wonderful friends who have sent me such kind caring messages thank you so much. They meant the world to me.  No one likes being ill, no one likes having the worry of facing an illness you'd rather not deal with. But I have many friends who are going through so much, so to you I'm sending my love and prayers. There is light at the end of the tunnel they say. But sometimes the end of the tunnel has a habit of moving just when you get so close to it!





Lorraine Rimmelin said...

I'm dreaming of a world free from cancer. I'm glad it's starting with you. Prayers to all who suffer from this plague.
As artists we fill the world with healing colors. Let's paint up a rainbow of joy.

hap said...

So happy that it is NOT the big C! Anne and I are keeping you and John in our prayers for a quick resolution and healing. It is always most frightening when you don't know what you're facing, once you DO know you can buckle down and get to the job of getting right again because you know what you're up against and can make a plan. It is over joying to see your swishes and swashes of gorgeous color appearing again! April Showers bring May hopefully your April "shower" will bring forth a most wonderful May!

Jo said...

Jean so glad to see you are much improved. It makes all of us happy. I will tell you something, that I suspected something was not quite right as I looked at a few paintings you posted. They seemed different and I thought what is going on. Isn't that something? I am so happy you can move forward with relief and paint your gorgeous gardens which must be in a wave of color. I always look forward to everything you paint and all you post. We are having a very great coldish winter day but warmth is promised mid week. Hugs and love to you. Joanne Spilman Kilduff, Pennsylvania

Mary Caton said...

So sorry to here about your health blip Jean, but so glad you are feeling much better now. It's not very nice waiting to hear results of a biopsy but nice to know your doctor has assured you there is nothing to worry about. Love to you and your family xxx

Deb Reitz said...

Prayers and thoughts are with you Jean. Thank You for the update. We have many friends with cancer too. I’m realizing after turning 63 last
Year that I don’t take my health for granted like I did when I was young. FYI...still smoke free and painting!! Remember I quit smoking at your
Sarasota FL class? Wishing the best for you!

Billie Crain said...

Jean, although I'm sorry to hear you are still ailing a bit I'm thrilled it's not cancer. I watched my mother die of breast to bone cancer and it was terrible. I had a feeling you were somewhat 'off your normal' just by some of your posts. I now know I was right. Here's hoping you get your diagnosis PDQ and the cure even sooner!

Denise Miller said...

I am so glad you are starting to feel better! You are such a bright light and inspire so many. Take care—and rest as well! Cheers! Denise

Rebecca Krutsinger said...

Jean, I will keep you in my prayers that all will be well with your health. Sending love to you

okielois said...

Hope you continue to improve. You may be trying to do too much and your body rebelled. Please take it easy and you'll get better faster.

rtquilter said...

My goodness! Once upon a LONG time ago, a great nurse at our Dr's clinic gave me some VERY sound advice! She said, “ go home, Carolynn, and be kind to yourself.” Well, I would say something similar to you. You are a “giver” which is wonderful and admirable and all that, BUT- we each have only a certain amount we CAN give before we have to recharge. Sounds like YOU may have reached recharging time. You have been given a reprieve, thank heaven because we wannabes NEED your wisdom, kindness, encouragement and your gorgeous, inspiring work! Paint and enjoy Jean. Recharge and come back to your family and to us. God bless!

Rae Ann Williams Art said...

Hope this finds you feeling better. Hugs and good thoughts to you.

Gilly's Art, Etc. said...

Get well wishes coming your way Jean!💖

Barbara said...

Jean, I hope you're feeling so much better by now, my favorite artist. I am so over the moon to have just enrolled in one of your workshops in November! My thoughts and prayers are with you.