Monday, 30 July 2018

A Whole new Week Ahead

"Passing Time"

I love Mondays. I always have. I wake each Monday morning with the excited feeling of not knowing what will happen in the days that follow. 

I literally raced to my studio this morning to work in my studio. I couldn't wait to get here. As a dandelion clock was already created on a piece of paper I started adding to the composition. Strangely a butterfly appeared of its' own accord in the lower part of this painting and I love it. It is the surprises with watercolour that make an art life wonderful. Not what we know is definitely planned. I will add to this composition gradually but I am in no rush. I am enjoying each second that I am alive and lucky enough to be able to do so fully.

Whatever your weeks plans are, I hope you too have some wonderful happy accidents occur. They are what makes life magical.

For me, its back to working on my next new book and its' looking fabulous so far.

Have a great week ahead!




Diana Bullock said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful painting and for your wonderful words
Made my day!

Jeff / Marlene Pechura said...

Love the Dandelion Clock and the Keep on Singin' old man from New Orleans! Takes me back to our class there with you --- the single best experience of my life! Marlene Pechura, Wisconsin

WendyJ said...

Fantastic Jean. It three dimensional 👍

Unknown said...

I just love the way Jean uses her watercolour, Its a combination of beautiful colours singing together and wonderful textures. I also love the way she manages to make something out of the colours she puts don in a seemingly random way. Next thing it's become something or at least I thin that's how she works!
Janis Fry

Marla B., aka "Queen Bee" said...

I agree with you completely. We need to always keep our tuners on! Bless you, Jean . . . have an awesome August!