Monday, 28 June 2010

Barely Hare

Hare Appearing from a First Wash

Here I am palying with primaries, Alizarin Crimson,Cobalt Blue and Cadmium Yellow. 


Because restricting my choices makes me work harder to explore the qualituies of each pigment. Years ago I used to always only work with three shades but recently I play with many glorious colours. Just for  change I stepped back into yesterdays shoes and allowed myself only the three primaries I would have used ages ago.

It is fun and  attempting to achieve the effects I want with my hands slightly tied.The  change has done me the world of good!

Bridget, a special thank you for the wonderful images of owl and hare that sit on my studio desk waiting for me to have some serious time to paint quietly! I absolutely love them, thank you SO much!


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