Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Roses Grow on You!

 "First Wash of a Rose in Watercolour"

I was thrilled yesterday in my workshop to see " homework" of  roses painted from my blog post a little while ago. I had shared how I paint roses and shown my technique in a blog entry suggesting anyone interested could practise my style.

Yesterday on my "Watercolours With Life" June workshop in Hampshire I saw a fabulous collection of roses and this really does hit home how giving away ideas can bring so much joy to others who love watercolour also.
I believe as artists we are so fortunate to have the gift of enjoying beauty and life so much that we wish to capture it in our chosen mediums. To lock ourselves away in our studios for hours on end and paint without sharing would be like being in a prison cell, one without bars!

Sharing techniques makes the art world a far richer place and it also brings us in touch with some  amazing people.

Like yesterday!

When I have time I will set more " homework" and hope that is enjoyed too!


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