Friday, 18 June 2010

A Brush With Love

"Coq Au Vin"
Original Watercolour by Jean Haines.
Sold in aid of the Lady Taverners at Brasserie Blanc, London.

This week has been incredible and I am finding it hard to fit in time to be online at the moment.

I started the week by driving to film my DVD which I will share details about in another blog entry. I returned home so that I could leave in time to deliver the above painting to Brasserie Blanc for an evening hosted by the  well known and wonderful personality,Raymond Blanc in aid of the Lady Taverners. My watercolour  was one of the main auction prizes and it was a wonderful occasion with many terrific people at the event.
Watchinga film during the event which showed children that the Lady Taverners support was the most touching moment of the night. Without a doubt hearts were touched and we all watched whilst deep in thought.

We often take for granted how fortunate we or our families are.These very special children are always seen to be smiling,laughing and enjoying life to the full. Maybe we should be asking them for help. Help in seeing all the good life has to offer no matter what we think our difficulties may be.

I am proud to be a Lady Taverner and  grateful for the opportunity to allow my love somewhere to go via a brush. Sharing, giving and knowing you really are making a difference makes life so worthwhile.

And art.


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