Tuesday, 8 June 2010

" Grumpy"

A fine cockerel gradually growing in  washes and layers of vibrant colour.

There is something far more interesting in painting subjects that aren't immediately seen as being beautiful. Last weeks " Animals Only " watercolour workshop saw me demonstrating a veriety of subjects looking at different sections and how to bring each to life in a unique way.

Here I am progressing from a simple eye demonstration. I have looked at this subject from different angles and he works very well as a landscape or portrait composition.  He is beginning to turn into a very exciting piece. All from a few simple brushstrokes!


During my demonstrations last week there was often complete silence and I had to look to see if everyone was awake. There wasn't a sound in the room as subjects began to appear on white paper during each new demonstration. I describe how I work with each new brushstroke and these were being completely absorbed by everyone in the room.

I started talking about the character of this cockerel and  raised the question of wondering why he  was so grumpy and in such a "fowl" mood. Comments such as " Maybe he's been on a hen night" or possibly been "hen pecked" gave rise to lovely laughter and the session really did turn into a wonderful day which flew by far too quickly.

Putting that smile into a painting and a feeling of being relaxed while you work definitely aids results.

Try it. Try laughing while you work or at least smiling and see what happens!



SEEKER said...

Smiling or laughing while you work. Thanks. I'm going to try out your advice. I can certainly see the smile in your work.

jane minter said...

grumpy looks full of life jean ..love the light coloured eye