Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Wonderful News!

I knew in January that this was going to be a very exciting year for me. I have no idea how I knew but the feeling was so strong. Maybe my Celtic intuition played a part. I left home  at the beginning of the year for a meeting with my publisher as it was time to approve the colour images for my book before it went to print. At this meeting I met the team at head office and the seed of an idea arose for an exciting new project.

Time has passed but in the background I have been quietly working on new techniques and subjects bringing them to life in a variety of unique ways. I am also receiving incredible feedback on my style with many requests to hold demonstrations all over the world. I feel very humble because I am only doing what I love which is painting and experimenting in watercolour.

Last week just before I left for Alrseford Arts Society to demonstrate I heard some wonderful news which now I am really thrilled to share.

I have been offered a contract for a second book which is really exciting! I am totally over the moon.

Last night I spoke to my brilliant mentor Roz Dace at Search Press and discussed the year ahead. There is so much to take on when writing a book. This time I will have the experience of having written my first book. I also know I have a wonderful team of professionals behind me to ensure  this new adventure will be one everyone enjoys.

I am leaping into the world of being an author for a second time and loving every second.

 I will be sharing my journey on my blog from day one. A new adventure is just about to begin!

Please join me for the launch of my first book " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour" at the Mall Galleries in London on 7th July 2010  at 11.30 a.m. I will be there all day and demonstrating also. 
Everyone is welcome.



A Brush with Color said...

Congratulations! How wonderful for you. I'm excited for you, and looking forward to your book(s!)

Page said...

Wow this is so exciting and well done :) I am totally thrilled for you and congratulations on this new journey of yours too. Welcome to the world of writing too!

Both Andrew and I are planning on being in London on this day so we look forward to seeing you there. Alas, I dont think Patch would enjoy the all the hussle and bussle of London somehow :lol


Debbie said...

I'm thrilled for you Jean. No better person deserves this more. Onward and Up!!!!! :)

Billie Crain said...

This has certainly been your year, Jean. Congrats on all your wonderful accomplishments and all the great opportunities that have come your way. Long overdue, IMO.

Sandra Busby said...

Congratulations Jean! This is wonderful news! I have already pre-ordered the first one and I am looking forward to the DVD.
It won't be long before you will be wearing dark glasses and a baseball cap for fear of being recognised, lol!

Cheryl said...

train ticket booked and really looking forward to seeing you and just being there to see this wonderful event.Cant wait for my copy to arrive.