Monday, 5 December 2011

What Is It ? Continued!

 Mystery painting?

I am really working very hard proof reading the final chapters of my new book but every now and then have popped online to check my messages. Amongst bookings for demonstrations next year wonderful emails are heading my way with guesses of what my mystery painting so far could be.

So far I have had  the following suggestions
1) A Christmas Bauble with Holly
2) A Christmas Elf
3) Santa with his sack
4) A Christmas Pudding
5) A Reindeer
6) A Donkey in snow
7) A Rabbit

.....and my favourite of all

8) A Guinea Pig!
All will be revealed tomorrow as  today I desperately needed to  continue proof reading!


Molossus said...

I think it's a kitten poking his paw through a hole in a box!

Ruth said...

I see a monkey peering behind the Christmas trimmings with hidden depth in his sparkling eyes. Name: "Monkey Shines at Christmas"

SandyDrex said...

I think this is just what I need to see from you. When I try to paint with your method I have trouble not painting each individual item. This helps me see that you really are just putting color there without defining it right away. Thanks for making this such an interactive blog.