Saturday, 17 December 2011

Frosty the Snow...........


 "Frosty the Snow Dog" makes an appearance in todays Bearded Collie Christmas Choir painting.

I have had so much fun adding daily to this fun Christmas watercolour. Today I can't help realising just how much I am enjoying painting sheerly for the joy of  placing colour on paper rather than considering if a gallery needs new work or whether I should be writing for a book or a new art feature. I should be giving my focus now to next years exhibitions but when you are a professional artist you  need a break from work just the same as in every other career.

But what can you do when your passion lies within your career?

I can't imagine a day where I don't enjoy painting.Or an evening when I don't look forward to picking up my brushes the next morning. I believe I have kept my enthusiasm so high because I have a sense of humour, a vivid imagination and a strong,pure love for working in what many call a very difficult medium to master.

I wish everyone could have heard me laughing when I added the snow dog to this  painting today, or  know what has crossed my mind as the next addition.

Painting CAN be fun!

It really is a good lesson in life to fully understand we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously for 100% of the time, especially in art.  Relaxing brings its' own rewards.
Happy painting,happy Christmas and see you soon on my next post.


N.B:  It might be an idea to start counting the Beardies now ! 
How many are already in this painting?

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Brotesdeternura said...

After seeing the background were the Three Lovely Kings had never imagined a chorus of Bearded Collie on it. Your creativity knows no bounds and your talent either. You never cease to surprise us daily. How many are there? infinities! Best wishes for Christmas amazing for you and your family and that Santa will bring you all the energy you need for this 2012 that coming up, will no doubt be fantastic. Always here... Grace