Saturday, 3 December 2011

Your Personal Olympic Medal in 2012

The last year has been so hectic and amazingly exciting at the same time. I have leapt from one fabulous event and exhibition to another only to be invited to show again time after time.  I am in a wonderful position of having to turn many offers down. I also now open emails on a daily basis inviting me to demonstrate or hold workshops in incredible locations. My year continues in the same  heady vein as next week I am a guest speaker and I am also at a meeting for a fantastic venue with wonderful possibilities for 2012.

In 2011 I have adored writing my new book. I believe this helped me become a far better artist purely by practising the demonstrations and technique information it holds within its pages. At the moment I am thoroughly enjoying working with the fresh inspiration that I was hoping to give to readers of my new book. The energising motivational chapters held inside this publication is having a profound effect on my own watercolours. I wake each day with renewed passion for moving my brushes. I feel I want 48 hour days and ten day weeks to fit everything in that I want to achieve.

And this leads me to this mornings blog post.

I know so many new artists and amateurs who seem to be in a huge race to get to a successful level in their careers where they are selling well in galleries or  they wish to  become well known.

My advise is to take things slowly. Don't rush to get anywhere. Take your time and enjoy every single step of your art career and let things take their course . If you have talent and are original  things will happen. Bear in mind many venues are looking for new ideas so  showing them anything that looks remotely like an artist who is already established may not gain you a warm welcome. Galleries will be interested in what you achieve as an individual and in time one wonderful event can lead to another. But when it does be prepared.

Being a professional artist is a full time occupation. Often the drawback is that you don't get as much time to paint as you would wish to and you can lose sight of your personal life completely. For example I owe so much to my wonderful friends and family who have patiently waited for me to complete my new book as it has absorbed so much of my life this last year. I work hard for exhibitions so often  disappear at these times.

You need to prioritise what really is the most important thing to you.  Do you enjoying painting or are you more concerned with what happens to  your work once you have created it?

I enjoy painting.  If the day ever comes where it turns into a chore I will put my brushes down and quickly.

Before this year ends I would suggest looking at what you have painted and achieved in 2011 and decide where you wish to be in 2012 and go for it. Next year is an Olympic year so you could aim for your own gold medal!  Award it to yourself if you achieve your goal but set a realistic one that you feel you will love working towards. Maybe it will be your first ever successful painting, or your first sale, you may be in your first exhibition.

Whatever your dream is, aim for it.

Believe in yourself and it will come true.

Only you have the power to hold yourself back

Earn your personal olympic medal in 2012

Because YOU can.



Sophia Khan said...

Hello Jean,

Thanks for sharing this encouraging message. This comes at just the right time for me as I am beginning to lay the ground work for my future creative endeavors. I took to heart what you mentioned in your interview on how it is oh so important to take pleasure in the process of painting and truly enjoy it as you are doing it. I don't think that is stressed enough in the art world but is has made a world of difference to me during my own painting process.

Hoping you have a wonderful weekend.

Sophia Khan said...

Dear Jean,

Thanks so much for sharing this encouraging message. This comes at quite the right time for me as I am laying the ground work for my future creative endeavors. I took to heart what you mentioned in your interview about taking pleasure in the process and truly enjoying the time you are painting. I don't think it is stressed enough in the art world, but it has made a huge difference to me in my own work.

Hoping you have a great weekend.

Sophia said...

Hello Jean,
My apologies, for having repeated this message. For some reason, I thought the first one did not go through.
Also, my guess on the mystery painting that you have posted is that it is a fuchsia flower (looks similar to what I found in your book:)