Tuesday, 6 December 2011

What is it ? Rudolf!

Here is the inspiration for the What Is It Challenge this week!

I seriously do find beauty in all around me,everything I see is either a serious or fun  challenge to bring to life in watercolour in a unique way. As artists  we often take our art far too seriously. I listen regularly to many who feel like throwing their brushes away because they , in their own eyes,aren't getting anywhere.

I have to ask this question.Why ARE you painting? If it  is to enjoy the experience of seeing colour flow on paper and learn to master a medium I take my hat off to you. But if you are aiming at being a famous star in the art world, the pressure you are putting on your  shoulders to achieve is tremendous. The wieght of your expectations alone could bring you down!

My philosophy in life is to enjoy every minute. Especially when my brushes are in my hands but I won't restrict myself to very serious art.  My career is one part of my life but the joy from painting something as funky as this reindeer has  lightened my mood, made others around me smile and even opened imaginations. I am still laughing at the guinea pig suggestion!
Your challenge is about to be set on my blog so please read my next post!

And smile!


If you live in Hampshire and wish to buy one of these wacky reindeer you need to race to the Frame Gallery in Odiham but I fear they may have already sold out!

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Zanna said...

I love your footage on how to paint Roses in a loose style. I tried it and I was pleased with my attempt. I would LOVE to paint sunflowers in the same loose way. Is there any footage of this? If not, is that something you might demonstrate in the future?