Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Autumnal Treasures : Chinese Lanterns

 Chinese Lanterns in a Still Life WIP

Its' that time of year when so much seems to continually tempt my brushes. As time is flying I have little freedom to paint when I want to at the moment. It is rather funny how as artists we all start out as beginners longing for the days when maybe a gallery might like our work or maybe we just want to paint something that is instantly recognisable. For many people who hold a brush the reason for doing so and for creating is different. I literally have loved painting ever since I was a child but my art has now become a way of life and full time job.  But regardless of what is happening and what deadlines I have to meet, as a professional artist, I still make time to paint something just because I want to and not because the painting would be headed for an exhibition or show.

In my garden I have wonderful plants that I call "Chinese Lanterns". Their glowing orange shapes have been nagging me to paint them for weeks now so this morning I indulged myself and on scraps of paper I simply played with colour. I love what is happening to these fun pieces and I have a wierd feeling I will be wanting to paint Pumpkins next for Hallowe'en!

Whatever happens in your life if you love painting please don't let anything get in the way of you picking up your brushes regularly. Always make a few hours free each week to enjoy loving colour as it flows across paper. It is such a "feel good"way of passing time. Enjoy every minute you hold your brushes and paint for you, from your heart , often!

 Chineses Lantern Studies and plant.


I loved the email  I received from one of  my blog followers telling me that they love my blog so much because they never know what I will share next. I will let you into a secret, neither do I!


Catharina Engberg said...

These flowers are so rare and beautyful.You painted them very well.

Liana Yarckin said...

Jean, love your chinese lanterns. your style is so light, airy and loose.