Monday, 28 October 2013

USA Watercolour Tour 2013: I love America!

 Long Island, New York

Today I had a break between teaching workshops and enjoyed a tour of Long Island. The weather is  fantastic  with vibrant sunshine adding brilliance to  the fall colours of beautiful trees. I have seen reds and golds that are stunningly  gorgeous. My first  stop was Sag Harbour which  is such a pretty place to visit.

 Sag Harbour
Long Island 2013

I have never seen so many pumpkins in my life! As Halloween is this week many stalls, garden centres and shops are selling huge varieties of pumpkins. I couldn't resist stopping at this stall.

 Pumpkins for sale
Long Island 2013

Restaurants,hotels and shops are all beautifully decorated in Autumn colours making the season look so inviting. I love that there are so many smiling happy faces greeting me each day where ever I visit. I loved being in USA last year and was thrilled to return.  Before I left home I wondered if I would love it here as much as on my last visit in 2012. And the answer is that I love it even more. So much so that I am seriously considering adding new destinations to explore here with future workshops!

I love America!


My current USA book signing and workshop tour includes New York, Texas and Mexico. All my workshops are fully booked but I am  working on my USA next tour so will be sharing news as soon as I can!


okielois said...

How about Broken Arrow, Oklahoma? It's close to Tulsa if you're looking on a map.

a woman who is said...

Seattle!!!! Book in the Northwest somewhere!